Feel it


Love is all the good things people say. 

Love is magic, love teleports you to a different world, a world that sometimes you didn’t know even exists. 

Real love is not selfish and is not an one way street, love is supposed to grow genuinely in you. Both parts need to be synchronized and timing is what makes love exist in a certain way. 

Love is when you travel alone and you can go to any place but the first thought in your head is: I wish she/he was here with me. 

Love is the feeling that you feel everywhere even when you are not sharing your time with the person, but, unconsciously you are wishing the person were there with you. 

Love is share your time, your plans, your bed, your chips, your kebab, your beer, your music, your favourite movies. Most important, share your thoughts even if they are silly or scary.

Love is based on trust, respect, care, freedom, passion, saudade, a lot of carinho and forgiveness. The moment you say those three words you agree with the universe that you have another soul growing and walking besides you, and you will take care, you will build a path together, helping, struggling sometimes, but always putting yourself in the place of the other to reconsider what is worth.

So pay attention with who you are with and who you are giving your time and your love. 

And don’t let LOVE go away because you were not aware of what was going on.

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