To all the men that I know

And the ones I don’t


We are all super power woman , feminists, we are all conquering what we want. But, as some people forget, behind this strength woman we keep falling in love. We still falling for the guys that show a little bit of romance. We like when he calls just to listen our voice, just to say that he missed us, missed our laughs, missed our messy hair, and missed our touch.

You can think that what we like are those men that have a deep and well formed conversation, but what we really love is when he is laughing, and making jokes, hugging us while we cook our favourite Thai food. We also really give an extra point for those who wants to take that picture in the park when you are not pretending to have one taken. Boys, we really appreciate when you invite us to enjoy a good food and drinks, not needing to be fancy, just cozy and full of looking in each other eyes.

Sometimes I think we are all in a lack of romance. We live this busy life, we pay so much attention in others people life on instagram, twitter, facebook and we forget to push in the romantic things to our lives. It is some small gestures that can change the whole day and making you desire to have the person by your side. 

Don’t you ever waste your time with someone who doesn’t make you feel amazing. Love is not supposed to be the most difficult thing. If both love the thing is supposed to work out smoothly. Some little arguments, discussions may happen because no one want a person who is exactly the same, so we have the differences and we like to put our opinions on the table. Sharing thoughts and have a discussion is also growing in a relationship. If you have respect, if you listen each other and if you try to be better.

Now, if you need to fight for the same things that are not constructive for both sides, if you need to ask for attention, ask for love. This is far away of reciprocity. Love makes you want to be close, you want to spend the free time you have together, you want to share moments and memories. You do not have to ask for this, it needs to be naturally. If someone loves you he/she will want to be with you, no matter what ;)

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